Gallery news

Reopening of the Gallery after lockdown : exhibition of some masterpieces of portraiture

According to plans laid out by the government and in respect of the sanitary rules, the Gallery is reopening its doors as for June 2nd from Thursdays to Saturdays 3 to 7 PM and on appointment at any other time. It will presents some of the masterpieces of portraiture that were offered for sale at Tefaf that had to close early, along with other pictures from the Gallery. An important rediscovery is included among several arresting examples pf portraiture, the Portrait of Adèle Anthoine-Prélard at the age of seventeen and a half by Hippolyte FLANDRIN (1809 - 1864). This is a first step towards a new re-evaluation of Ingres’ favourite pupils, Hippolyte and Paul Flandrin, highlighted in a forthcoming exhibition to be held at the museum of Lyon, postponed in early 2021. Catalogue available by clicking here.

In the meantime, you can visit the Gallery virtually on our site.


Fabienne Fiacre has opened in 2011 her own gallery in Saint-Germain-des-Prés after working at the Stair Sainty Matthiesen Gallery, New York, and at Brame et Lorenceau, Paris. Twice a year, she offers a selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures, old and modern, presented in thematic exhibitions: "Pastel in 1900" (2014), "Happy are those who Dream", Realist and Symbolist landscapes (2014), "Paper Only I", drawings and oils on paper from the 19th century (2015), "Seas and Skies", paintings, gouaches and pastels from the 19th century, "Glass and paper", 19th century drawings and glass sculptures by Xavier Le Normand (2016), "Nature and Idéal, some contemporaries of the Nabis (2016), "Black", 19th century drawings with bronzes by Denis Polge (2017), "Drawings by Georges Leroux (1877-1957)" (2018), "Paper Only II", 19th century drawings and oils on paper (2019).

Since 2017, the gallery participates in Fine Arts Paris: in the first edition, she presented an eclectic ensemble of paintings and drawings from the 17th to the 21st centuries; in 2018, a selection of works entrusted for sale by the heirs of Georges Leroux (1877-1957) allowed the artist to be rediscovered; in 2019, "Small is Beautiful" offered, in a more playful tone, old and modern paintings and drawings, all in small formats.