TEFAF 2020

Portraits (1820-1875)

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It was the first participation of the Galerie Fabienne Fiacre at the Maastricht fair. The gallery have been selected for the 2020 edition of the Tefaf Showcase along with five other dealers of different nationalities, all of whom have been gallery owners for less than ten years. She had at heart to defend French 19th century works, both seductive and significant, in a coherent whole highlighting her taste for Ingresque paintings (Ingres versus Delacroix) and for portraits in particular, which are more easily accessible to a wide public.

The French 19th century, the gallery's specialty, is so rich and varied that it is still possible to make discoveries. At TEFAF, the exhibition focused on an unpublished portrait exhibited at the 1848 Salon, that of Adèle Anthoine-Prélard at the age of seventeen and a half by Hippolyte Flandrin (1809 - 1864), one of Ingres' most talented pupils. The painting, which remained in the family of the sitter, had lost its identity. At the time of the reopening of the Ingres - Bourdelle museum in Montauban, this beautiful portrait will be an introduction to the revaluation of Ingres' favourite pupils, Paul and Hippolyte Flandrin, who, with their brother Auguste, will be the subject of a forthcoming exhibition in their home town of Lyon (Lyon Museum of Fine Arts, 28 November 2020 - 28 February 2021). Like a "little music of art history", the first generation of Ingres' students, Hippolyte (1811 - 1902) and Paul Flandrin (1809 - 1864), Amaury-Duval (1808 - 1885), Henri Lehmann (1814 - 1882), or Théodore Chassériau (1819 - 1856), will reflect this "family resemblance" through various drawings and paintings, as well as the diversity of Ingresque influences.

To the great names had been added others, to be rediscovered, what’s important is that each work creates emotion. Fabienne feels professionally closer to the profile of the "collector-merchant", for whom each purchase is guided by his personal taste. With public auctions nowadays making a number of private transactions, what is left for dealers if not to present the finest possible selection of original works of impeccable quality and condition - their rarity is nowadays important to underline - which they will have taken care of by restoring and framing them. By paying homage to the artists in presenting their works the best possible way within the framework of a hanging enhanced by a scenography entrusted to René Bouchara, Fabienne Fiacre hopes that this intimate part of the artist seduces, enchants or captivates the imagination but will never leave the visitor indifferent.